Defining Your Project

At S&you, we are convinced that the time for exchange is essential for successfully guiding your project. The factors that determine professional development are as much about skills and expertise as they are about more personal aspirations. We never forget that behind every professional, there is above all a person.​

Knowing Yourself Well

Understanding your “professional personality” is essential. Together, we will analyse your background, your experience and your expertise. But at S&you we want to go even further. By fully understanding your wishes for development, your aspirations and your ambitions, we help you broaden the scope of possibilities and perhaps take you further than you would have imagined.

Which “You” are You?

What missions are you carrying out today? Which ones give you particular satisfaction, which ones seem more restrictive? What are your professional objectives? Based on a series of simple questions, together, we create your “value proposition”. This is the fundamental element in defining your project.

Opportunities That Resemble You

Because we are perfectly familiar with the context in which our clients’ recruitment projects are based, we are able to offer you opportunities that are consistent with your expectations as well as with the business environment.
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