Close Support

In addition to technical expertise in recruitment, S&you positions itself as a listening partner. Our clients trust us as much for the quality of our work as for our desire to support them over the long term.

Close Support Over the Long Term

Anticipating your expectations, providing you with reporting tools for our assignments, presenting you with all the candidates selected and committing to you on the basis of fair and “sincere” advice, is the promise we have made to work with you in confidence.

Multi-Channel Sourcing

Our sourcing approach is based on a method that combines traditional tools with digital approaches and direct contact by our network. We are interested in active research candidates as well as in profiles on standby.

Our Talent Pool for More Proactivity

360° interviews, personality tests, taking in-depth references: the candidates with whom we are in contact are subject to rigorous analysis and personalised follow-up. This approach allows us to finely reference the skills and personalities that make up our Talent Pool. The benefit? Quickly introduce you to candidates who perfectly match your project and your culture.
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